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That right there, that is bad science. And we at Mad Art Lab cannot abide bad art science. Why is it bad science? Let us break it down.

The Bechdel test only checks for female interaction. Failing the Bechdel test is meant to indicate a lack of female character presence. However, it does not necessarily indicate an institutional bias. Simply failing the Bechdel test does not indicate anything except that a movie has failed to meet that standard. However, buried in the discussion of the test is the unstated premise that most movies pass the male version of the test or the ‘Reverse Bechdel.’ This is not logically necessary. It is possible for a movie to pass both the male and female versions of the test, just as it is possible for a film to fail both. For example, March of the Penguins utterly fails both tests simply for there being no dialogue between any characters and Underworld:Awakening manages to pass on both counts. There are lots of ways for a movie to fail the test in either direction and passing the test or its reverse at all isn’t actually that easy.

Bechdel vs. Science - Mad Art Lab
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